birth control question?
2008-11-16 19:40:31 UTC
so im 15 (if your gonna say im too young part of me agrees and yeah just no negative comments please) and i have problems saying no to people i always have and probably always will i have been with my bf for 3 and a half months and although i know he wouldn't force me and i know i don't want to yet i am trying to be responsible just in case things were to get out of hand i don't want to be unprotected so my basic question is what kind of birth control should i go on or what are some side affects ive hear yasmin is good but i dont know also how do i tell my step mom i have a feeling even if i tell her its just a precaution she will assume im having sex.... honestly i am trying to be responsible cause i have plans in life i dont want a kid while im only 15 cause i know i wouldnt be able to take care of it well
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2008-11-16 19:44:06 UTC
Just don't have sex it's that easy.
2008-11-17 04:04:23 UTC
Gotta love those "just don't do it" answers, always so helpful...

My advice would be to start at a local planned parenthood clinic (you can find nearby ones at They can talk to you and give you advice on sex and help you figure out what you're comfortable with, and if you choose, help you find birth control without you having to get permission from your parents. I don't know your family situation so I can't tell you whether or not to talk to them, but I will say that they can be a valuable resource in helping to navigate you through this confusing stage, and more often than not parents would rather know and be able to help their children when it comes to these things, instead of condemning them for asking.

It's good that you're being responsible about the physical aspects of sexual activity, but just try to listen to your heart and go with what you feel comfortable with, because bc and condoms can't protect you from the emotional side of sex. Being sexually active can be messy and confusing, and it can also be wonderful and special. It's usually best to leave it alone or delay it until you feel completely secure in your decision. I made my decision based on being comfortable with a person I had been with for two years; only you know what you'll feel most comfortable with. Just remember, you have your whole life to have sex! It isn't a race to the finish line, it's your decision. And in the meantime, it's good to be prepared!
2008-11-17 04:03:34 UTC
You seem pretty mature. Just explain to your step mom what you just wrote online. Even if she doesn't understand, at least you tried making her involved in the process of you getting birth control. The fortunate thing is, you can get it without consent at Planned Parenthood in most states. Take a cab or have a friend take you there, they can give it to you for very cheap or free, and your parents will never have to know about it. And honey, please try your best to not have sex if you don't really want to. Hell, most people that even WANT to have sex as a teen end up regretting it, such as myself. Good for you for taking precautions though, and I hope everything works out.
2008-11-17 03:47:48 UTC
Yeah, you should work on your peer pressure skills before you worry about birth control. You're way too young, just learn to say no, it's not that difficult.

Either way if you decide to go on it all pills affect all women differently. You're going to need to go to a gynecologist and speak with her, you'll need to get a pelvic exam before she actually puts you on the pill so get ready to go through that too.

I've heard lots of bad things about yasmin and yaz. I take Loestrin 24 Fe and it's great no side effects on my body whatsoever.

--and regardless of what happened in the past you need to have a spine and learn how to look out for yourself first, not just say yes to everyone and let everyone take advantage of you, walk all over you, and without a doubt use you continuously as you get older. It's one word. If you don't want to do something, N-O. If someone has a problem with it then they aren't looking out for your best interests and they are only thinking of themselves first. Remember that. You don't want to keep people like this in your life. It will only bring you down.
2008-11-17 03:50:20 UTC
I know alot of people are going to be giving you negative comments about your age and warning you about pregnancy and stds

So im not going to bother..i mean at least you're trying to be safe right?

I say you should tell your step mom that your periods hurt like crazy and your getting tired of having irregular ones.

If you tell her you want to be safe for sex your right..she may think that you're having it right now.

im 15 and im on birth control..i use it for my periods though.

My mom realized that i need it because my periods are hell for me.

Honestly it depends on what kind of personality your mom has.

If she says no to you don't whine or get mad of anything..just try asking again later when shes in a better mood

The kind of birth control im on it called Balziva..i have no idea if its good for actual birth control..because i don't use it for that..but i think ive read somewhere that it is. There's no real side least there wasn't for me. The first month or so of taking it it was kinda weird during my periods..i don't remember much though

Hope i helped hun <3

Haha i just realized how many thumbs down im gunna get on that..

bring it bitches.
2008-11-17 11:09:12 UTC
everyone's body is different. its gonna be trial and error with the birth control to see what works for you and you feel normal. i stayed so nausated on it for years that i went with forms other than the pill. just don't do anything until it is in your system firmly or this will be a waste of time. coupled with condom, it should be ultimate protection but nothing will be 100%. my niece just had baby and she has been on pill for years.

also "no" is a very powerful word to learn to use. people do respect you more when you say no. it took me 20 years to learn to say no to people (with a lot of self help reading) and my life has been much happier and people still like me too, maybe even more since i stand up to them now. do some research and reading, it will help.

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